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ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT: All players must be of Asian or Pacific Islander decent. Birth certificate required for proof.

1. All games have a time limit of 70 minutes. No new inning to start after 70 minutes except for the championship games.
2.  Tournament will enforce the ASA Mercy Run Rule; twenty (20) runs after 3 innings; fifteen (15) runs after 4 innings; ten (10) runs after 5 innings. Run rule shall be in effect for all games including championship games.
3.  Game time is forfeit time. Teams must be ready to start at the designated time or forfeit.
4.  Tie Breaker Rule shall be utilized when a game results in a tie after seven (7) innings or the seventy (70) minutes time limit has elapsed. The player last completed at bat from the previous inning, or his/her substitute shall be placed on second (2nd) base to start the extra inning. EXCEPTION: Tiebreaker Rule will not be in effect for all Pool Play games. Pool Play games may end in a tie.
5.  No metal spikes are allowed.
6.  Bats allowed for tournament play will be in accordance with the ASA Bat List. Please check the ASA website for bat allowance. Bats shall be checked prior to each game. If a player uses an illegal bat, an out shall be declared and the player shall be disqualified from the game.
7.  A maximum of three (3) homeruns is allowed per team, per game. Any subsequent home run over the fence shall be declared an out.
8.  One Courtesy Runner will be allowed per inning. The Courtesy Runner shall be the last player that has completed his/her turn at bat, and who is not currently a base runner. If it is for the first batter of the game, the Courtesy Runner shall be the last player in the lineup.
9.  Any player found illegal will be banned and the team will be immediately disqualified for the remainder of the tournament plus the next year.
10.  Team managers are responsible for making sure each team member has proper photo identification required for check-in at the tournament. Proper identification is defined as a Passport or State issued drivers license or Identification Card.
THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS! No ID…No PLAY!!! At check in, players shall present their form of identification for verification, sign a waiver, and a Tyvek Wristband will be placed on the wrist of each registered and verified player. This bracelet shall not be removed until he/she has been eliminated or win the tournament. Umpires are instructed that no bracelet, NO PLAY!!!
11.  All protests of rule interpretation will be decided by the Tournament Umpire-in-Chief. Any protest of player eligibility will be decided by the Tournament Director/Committee. Each protest is $50.00. If protest is upheld, the $50.00 fee will be returned. Tournament Committee will have the right to discharge a player or team from the tournament for unsportsmanlike conduct.
12.  Each team shall provide a scorekeeper to settle any score dispute.

1st and 2nd place teams (up to 16 max.)

1st place teams (All Divisions)

1 Outstanding
2nd place teams (All Divisions)

13.  This is an ASA sanctioned tournament. All teams and umpires must be ASA registered.
14.  All Pool Play games will be officiated with one umpire. All Double Elimination games will be officiated with one umpire until the semi championship game. All games beginning with the semi-championship and thereafter will be officiated with two umpires.
15.  If the tournament is cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances, a refund/credit will be issued after all non-recovered expenses are paid.
16.  On any fair batted ball hit over the fence for a home run or on a four base award, the batter and all runners are credited with a run. The batter and any runners on base are not required to run the bases. (This eliminates any appeal play on the runners.)
There shall be no smoking in the dugouts. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited for players/coaches during game time in or outside of the dugout.
17.  A "strike mat" will be used to determine balls and strikes. If the ball touches any part of the mat and home plate on a legal pitch (6'-12' arc), it will be considered a strike.
18.   All batters will start with a one ball and one strike count with one (1) free foul after two (2) strikes.
19.  ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT:  All players must be of Asian or Pacific Islander decent.  Birth certificate is REQUIRED for proof.
20. Illegal Players.  If it is determined and confirmed that a team has an illegal player, the team will forfeit the game and will be out of the tournament. The manager of the team will be suspended for 1 year.
NEW RULE:  Lineup may consist of up to 12 players, any 10 of 12 players may play on the field at anytime.